NatureLine Menüschalen aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen

NatureLine menu bowls made from renewable raw materials

The alternative made from bagasse (sugar cane fiber) in the familiar sizes and shapes

  • 17 different sizes and shapes in a well-known design
  • 2 variants available: PulpPro made from approx. 90% plant fibers with a small amount of plastic and PulpPure made from 100% plant fibers
  • Both variants are reliable, aroma-tight and leak-proof
  • Suitable for dry, pasty and liquid cold and hot dishes
  • Stable shell structure with high durability for safe transport
  • PulpPro : Particularly resistant to moisture, high cut and fork resistance
  • Natural shade
  • Can be used immediately parallel to the XPS sealing trays in the same sealing frame
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