Collection: Sealing devices “NEO series”

The perfect packaging system for your out-of-home business:

  • Leak-proof sealing and film separation = 1 handle
  • Easy and quick operation
  • Up to three rolls of film integrated in one device
  • Parallel sealing of different menu trays/materials in one device
  • Tested and patented safety
  • Made in Germany

Area of ​​application

The seal system is used for the out-of-home sale of hot, cold, chilled or frozen dishes. The wide product range of sealing devices represents the perfect model for every area of ​​application. The two- and three-roll sealing devices offer a particularly wide range of possible uses.


Quick and easy: A short, strong hand pressure of less than a second creates a sealing pressure of up to 1.0 t and guarantees high seal strength. When sealing, the film is simultaneously separated with an integrated knife. The sealing device opens automatically using an adjustable tension spring and then remains in the starting position.

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