Collection: Reusable sealing trays made of PP

Fresh, light takeaway meals are becoming increasingly popular. The modern customer wants a current, diverse range and convenience when shopping.

Cold and warm meals - pre-portioned and in attractive reusable packaging - represent a growth market in the out-of-home business. We offer you a contemporary and well-thought-out hybrid reusable packaging solution. The microwave-stable PP menu bowls can be used multiple times and are certified for over 50 wash cycles. Only the sealing film is still a disposable item, but it does not even make up 10% of the total weight of the packaging.

This cost-effective reusable solution is a real all-rounder: crispy snacks, savory menus, cleverly prepared chilled and frozen meals, vitamin-rich salads,... in our sustainable system the food is appetizingly packaged and hermetically protected.

The reusable trays are quickly and easily sealed in sealing devices with a transparent film to ensure they are aroma-tight. The different colors also give you the opportunity to present your products optimally. The white packaging emphasizes the naturalness of the product, while the black emphasizes the contrast to the contents. We recommend the black version when using it as a reusable bowl, as discoloration caused by the dishes is not visible.