Collection: NatureLine PulpPro and PulpPure

17 different shapes for variability and practical variety
Can be used in existing sealing frames for XPS trays (but silicone pad required) for a leak-proof seal with
coordinated sealing films and sealing papers. The NatureLine sealing bowls made of molded fibers (cellulose) are suitable for chilled and warm foods “to go” with an insulating effect for safe hand contact.

The PulpPure version is completely free of plastic and consists entirely of plant-based raw materials! For use with liquid dishes, e.g. B. soups, the PulpPro version is designed and consists of approx. 90% vegetable raw materials.

Both versions impress with their function and their natural, unbleached look in the usual design. Developed with stability and high utility in mind, even when fully filled.