Licensing of packaging

Legal obligations for manufacturers and distributors of packaged goods

The Packaging Act (VerpackG) regulates the collection and disposal of sales packaging and its financing. Those who put the packaging on the market for the first time are responsible for this. On January 1, 2019, the Packaging Act replaced the Packaging Ordinance (VerpackV), which had been in force since 1991.

Please note

For the July 1, 2022 is one Amendment to the Packaging Act came into force, which primarily concerns the registration requirement. Everyone who places packaging on the market must now comply with this obligation.

But what does this mean for you and are you affected by it?

  • they have one Contract with one of the dual systems completed to which you pay utility fees. In addition, you are registered in the LUCID register , to which you can send your Report packaging quantities ?
In this case nothing changes for you !
  • They are so far not in the LUCID register registered because you Service packaging such as menu trays, menu boxes, hot drink cups, bags, etc. and have instructed your supplier to pay the disposal fees?
The previous exception rule that you are exempt from the registration requirement in this case will no longer apply from July 1, 2022 !
You must therefore register with LUCID by the deadline. The good news: Registration is enough. You can still purchase your packaging from us in advance (= already exempt).

    Licensing packaging – our service for you

    Since the introduction of the Packaging Ordinance, we have been offering you the service of having your service packaging licensed through us. We show this fee as a separate item on your invoice and transfer the corresponding fee to a dual disposal system for you. This means you always have proof that you have fulfilled your obligation.

    With the Packaging Act coming into force on January 1, 2019, we are also registered in the LUCID register and report the quantities of packaging that we license accordingly.

    If you use our service, you do not have to conclude a contract with a dual system. Until now, you didn't have to be entered in the register. However, this will be the case from July 1st due to a change in the law. Registration in the register is sufficient; you do not have to report your packaging quantities to the register.

    Your advantages at a glance

    • Time savings: You have no hassle with the processing and pay the disposal fee when you purchase the packaging.
    • No contractual commitment: You do not have to sign a long-term contract with a dual system.
    • Transparency: We show the license fee separately on your invoice.
    • Security: Thanks to proof of proper licensing on your invoice, you always act in accordance with the law.