Collection: NatureLine: PaperPeel boxes made from FSC cardboard for sealing

Practical, hygienic and appetizingly packaged – that’s what the new PaperPeel boxes made of cardboard can do. But they can do more because they take the environmental aspect into account in several points:

The base material consists of a renewable raw material. A cardboard made from fresh fibers is used, which is FSC-certified and therefore stands for sustainable forestry. The inside surface is covered with a thin film. It is made of recyclable PP for optimal product protection and the selected material thickness is resource-saving. With this material combination, the plastic content could be reduced to a minimum.

A highlight is the contemporary disposal concept. The two materials cardboard and foil can be used peel & recycle Separate them from each other and send them separately to the recycling cycle.

There is a QR code printed on the packaging, with which the customer can use a short video to find out in an easy-to-understand way how best to remove the film from the box and how they can do their part in dealing responsibly with the environment. So how to peel & recycle works, see here:

The boxes are also innovative in use and offer real added value:

They can be closed in sealing devices in approx. 2 seconds without the need for an additional sealing film. This means you can easily use it in parallel with other menu trays in your sealing device.
You can use it in the temperature range from -30°C to 90°C (max. 4 hours) for dry, pasty and moist foods.
Visually, the boxes set accents thanks to their color in natural brown. Whether sushi, steak or salad: the large viewing window ensures transparency and highlights the delicious contents. Either white or black provides contrast inside the box – the choice is yours!

The PP film protects the product in the refrigerated counter, during transport and in the refrigerator at home. The sealed box can even be used in the microwave; the excess pressure escapes through the self-venting ventilation openings provided. You can eat it appetizingly with a knife and fork.