Collection: XPS sealed trays

Menu trays made of XPS impress with their practical properties for warm take-away food. As “thermal menu trays”, they keep hot food warm for around 30 minutes if they are sealed with aluminum sealing foil or special sealing foil. Aroma-tight and leak-proof, the packaging is only opened shortly before consumption, so the food retains its taste.

Small snacks or even complete menus can be packaged hygienically, easily and safely. The handling is also impressive: thanks to a reinforced, laminated surface, you can eat directly from the bowl. Thanks to the stable structure, its resistance to liquids and fat and the insulating effect, the handling is ideal for the catering professional as well as for his customers. Whether stew, schnitzel or curry dishes – everything is possible.

A large and well thought-out selection of different shapes, sizes and the ability to combine them in the sealing frame allow numerous application options and flexibility in the food-to-go sector.

The environmental aspect
Thermal menu trays are made of extruded and pure polystyrene (XPS and PS: mono material). With an air content of over 98%, XPS is one of the lightest
Packaging materials. Because of the cell structure, XPS menu trays not only have excellent insulating properties, but are also resource-saving and recyclable due to their low weight. Before disposal via a dual system, the tray must be separated from the covering film. The aluminum sealing film used is 100% recyclable.